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Has my booked event been canceled / postponed?

As we are solely an advance sale outlet for entrance tickets, we have no influence on the cancellation or postment of events.
We will make every effort to inform our customers immediately by e-mail of any changes reported to us by the promoters.

At the same time, you can find a list of changes known to us on our "Service News" page. You can find a link to it on the right-hand side of our home page or >here.

However, please also look out for press, radio and television announcements in the run-up to your event.

If your event is canceled or postponed, your point of contact for any claims is the respective promoter.
We are often commissioned by promoters to handle entrance price refunds. Please complete and send us the following PDF form, together with the undamaged original tickets purchased through us to the address below.

Please be aware : This only applies to customers who purchased their tickets from us online or through the call center. If the last six digits above/below the barcode on the left hand side are 222900, the tickets were purchased directly through If the last digits are 802400, then the tickets were purchased through a telephone order to our company. If you purchased your tickets from a local advance sale outlet, please return them there.

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Form for event cancellations
Form for event postponements

For your own security, we recommend using recorded delivery.

After receipt, we shall endeavor to cancel the tickets with the promoter as soon as possible. Then, the ticket price, the full advance sale fee and also the booking fee will be transferred to the account or credit card used for the purchase . We would like to point out that you have no right to reclaim the shipping fees charged by us.

A repurchase is only possible for entrance tickets for canceled or postponed events and for requests made using sufficient paid postage.


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